This section will guide you through some of the key contexts that impact on behaviour.

All behaviours occur in a context, and within that context, the behaviour makes perfect sense to the person exhibiting it. The challenge of behaviour assessment is to gain insight into the context of the behaviour of the person with dementia at that moment in time, and to unpick their reality one strand at a time until the behaviour makes perfect sense to you. 

ContextRole in BehaviourPeople with Dementia
Physical Health The body is the link between the brain and the environment. Anything that adversely impacts the body can impact the brain and therefore behaviour Are more likely to be over 65, and have age related changes to their physical health which may require medication 
Social / Emotional History  Cumulative memories and associated feelings will shape how people perceive the world around them Are reliant on their life experiences in understanding the present. How they experience today is shaped by their related past experiences
Medicines Medicines frequently have therapeutic actions or side effects which can impact on brain chemistry and alter mood or perception Are more likely to have a medication regimen that alters mood or perception, and are more likely to be sensitive to its effects 
Environment  The physical environment provides the sensory information that the brain needs to understand the world Have a diminished capacity to process sensory information and are more likely to not understand the context of the physical environment.
Communication approach  Communication is 95% non-verbal, with non-verbal cues conveying the emotional context and meaning to help inform the appropriate response. Often lose the verbal context of communication due to short term memory loss, and rely heavily on the emotional context of communication to guide their reactions


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