This section will guide you through some of the key contexts that impact on behaviour.

It is important to measure and describe behaviours as objectively as possible, using neutral language of what was observed, and for measurement to be done consistently both before and after any interventions or management strategies. This will aid in developing an appropriate plan of care, as well as helping to evaluate
the effectiveness of care. For assistance in measuring behaviours contact DBMAS on 1800 699 799.

Baseline questions

  • What is the specific behaviour to be reduced? (describe what occurs step by step)
  • Who is the behaviour an issue to? (there may be more than one person who is affected)
  • How often is it the behaviour occurring? (frequency)
  • What is the impact of the behaviour on:
    • Carer stress? (can vary from carer to carer)
    • Quality of life of the person with dementia?
    • Health and safety of involved parties?
    • Other aspects?

By answering these questions at baseline, you will be able to map the behaviour impact. When evaluating the effectiveness of any management strategies, you can ask the same questions again to see if the changes to frequency and severity have reduced the overall impact of the behaviour.


Important considerations

  • When describing the behaviour, do not try to interpret the intent or motivation, only record what was observable (see incident report example link)
  • Behaviours are a major source of stress for carers
  • The perception of behaviour severity is infl uenced by carer stress levels and knowledge about dementia related behaviours
  • Family and care staff are a good source of information about the person with dementia, their history, personality, and preferences
  • The skills and knowledge of a variety of professional disciplines may be beneficial in producing a positive outcome.


Useful resources

Service Description Contact
Dementia Outcomes Measurement Suite DOMS provides dementia assessment tools for health professionals


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