There are some behaviours which give rise to dangerous situations for the person experiencing the behaviour or for others in the immediate vicinity.

The first step is to manage the immediate risk. Once the immediate risk has been resolved, continue to follow the guidlines in this website.

Interactive risk assessment tool

Physical Presentation any of the following

  • Brandishing weapons / raised fists / fighting posture
  • Damaging property
  • Actual injuries to self or those around them

EMERGENCY – Immediate Action

  • Assess the impact on safety: Is anyone at risk?
  • Remove self and others (if safe to do so) from the situation
  • Decrease the environmental stimuli for the person displaying aggression
  • If behaviour persists or escalates then crisis management should be initiated
  • Refer to your organisational procedures and contact emergency services as required

Verbal Presentation any of the following

  • Raised voice / angry tone
  • Threatening language
  • Screaming

Physical Presentation any of the following

  • Fidgeting / restlessness
  • Pacing back and forth / walking in an urgent manner

HIGH RISK - Immediate Action

  • Stop any interaction that infringes on their personal space
  • Offer verbal reassurance (speak in a slow and low tone – Communication approach)
  • Give the person space and time to calm down. Allow a minimum of five minutes before attempting to reengage

Immediate Action

  • Follow the steps on this website
  • Contact DBMAS on 1800 699 799 for assistance if you would like some further help


Useful resources

Service Description Contact
Life Line Lifeline is a volunteer based service which offers generalist counselling and is available 24 hours 7 days a week. 13 11 14
Health Direct Australia Health Direct Australia is a 24 hour telephone triage information and advice service for residents of the ACT, NSW, the NT, SA, Tasmania and WA.

1800 022 222

Poisons Information Centre Poisons Information Centre provide emergency medical advice on what to do if someone has swallowed or been exposed to a poison, whether by accident or intentionally. 13 11 26

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